As a festival that investigates the relation between body and word, Atos de Fala (Speech Acts) is in search for performances that, akin to its experimental process, embrace and resonate the context in which they are placed.


How to do Things with Words



Or, To say is to do! In statements as those, John Austin devises the concept of the Performative that names our festival: Atos de Fala – Speech Acts.

Since 2011, AdF brings together performances, videos and sculptures that freshen up concepts, while they manifest and stimulate the ability of words to act – and to make us do. Words must be taken as a vast field of experiment, for when that happens, we torn their protocols apart. Thence, the format of a lecture is reworked as a means of performance, the essaystic writing is overlapped by video images posing complex linkages, and the traces of the performances that happen in our galleries are ressignified not only as archives but also as an installation in exhibition.

In this regard, AdF springs as a pioneer festival devoted to lecture-performances, video-essays, and sculpture-archives.


Welcome to our fourth edition: AdF.crisis!

Atos de Fala – Sobre o Festival


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